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Are you a  . . .
  • Subject-matter expert seeking greater visibility?

  • Consultant growing your practice?

  •  Entrepreneur carving out your market?

  • Corporate executive working toward a promotion?

Leverage Your Expertise

If you want to take your success to the next level and build a regional, national or even global presence, we can help by branding you as a thought leader, influencer or recognized expert. Contact us today to discuss a customized plan or check out Services for our packages.

What Is a ‘Thought Leader’?

Thought leaders . . .
  • Master a body of knowledge in a field through study, skill and experience;

  • Develop an original perspective on some niche within their field, pushing the boundaries outside the accepted status quo;

  • Have a deep desire to share their knowledge and ideas to educate others;

  • Go over and above regular job responsibilities to invest the time and expense necessary to spread their knowledge and ideas, often for no remuneration;

  • Have the courage to take a stand and are sometimes controversial; they back up their positions with intelligent arguments;

  • Expand their sphere of influence by cultivating relationships with people who can help them multiply their impact;

  • Use their communication skills to establish a highly visible platform from which to share their knowledge and opinions; this platform can take many forms, either online or offline, or a combination of the two;

  • Develop a sizable following that values and trusts their knowledge, ideas and opinions;

  • Create something new, such as a process, a product or an organization, that provides rewards to both the followers and the thought leader. 

We can help!

Are YOU a Thought Leader?
Do You Want to Become One?

FREE: The Definitive Guide to Query Services and Other Sites That Help Experts Connect With Journalists

  • Help journalists find you when they need an expert in your field to comment on stories they are working on.

  • Get free publicity for your expertise — literally money can't buy this exposure! Become nationally recognized overnight.

  • Receive expert advice on how to use the guide.

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Our Services

What We Do

Customized Plans

If you are just beginning your quest for online and/or offline visibility, this is the place to start. Whether you’re hoping to build your persona in your own backyard or become a Really Big Deal in your industry, we can chart a path for you.

Our customized plans provide exactly the services you need to fit your circumstances. You’ll soon have the recognition you deserve.


If you already have a blog or website but you aren’t seeing much traction or you just can’t keep up with the demands of maintaining regular content posting,this may be the best place for you to start. We’ll create best-in-class content that will draw eyeballs in your direction. In addition, we will help you increase your visibility on social media and other places you may not have considered. We can also leverage your expertise to get the mass media to pay attention to you.

Our packages are designed to help busy people who already have a blog and social media presence, but need help keeping up with them or want to improve quality.

We Also Provide

More Services

We provide a variety of promotional services to help you reach your goals. Don’t see it here? Ask. Chances are, we either offer it or we can guide you to a colleague that does.


Blog and Social Media Development

If you’re striving to be a thought leader, you probably need a blog. We’ll help you get online quickly, effectively and beautifully, and brand your web site and blog to match your social media presence. We can train you, develop strategy or execute the entire project for you.

Learn More

PR Campaigns

If you’ve got a story, we can help you publicize it. As former journalists, we know how to work with the media. We know what makes an idea a story – when it’s newsworthy and when it’s hype. We know how to build on current events to pitch you as an expert to comment on ongoing news and to find “hidden” opportunities to get you on air and in print.

Learn More

Executive Writing
and Editing

Whether you need help writing and editing a book, writing an op-ed for the local newspaper, creating sales materials, producing your monthly newsletter or hammering out a tagline, we can provide these services for you.

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Clients Rave About Us

Gail's ability to take my thoughts and place them into logical order is wonderful. I love how she pushes me to be a better writer and thought leader. Her work is outstanding! The more I work with her, the more I want to work with her. I’ve had great success with the books and blogs she edited for me and getting my articles published with Business Insider, Money Inc. and more. And the pitches, those great pitches! Bottom line – I highly recommend her as an editor, a writer, a collaborator, PR and more.

Shelley Smith CEO Premier Rapport, Inc.

I have worked with Gail in the corporate environment as well as through her company, The Buzz Factoree. She is an impressive professional with a keen sense of marketing, public relations, and social media. Gail is creative and demonstrates excellent writing skills that she uses in her daily work. She also has a sense for diagnosing brand challenges and recommending steps to solidify and enhance a brand. A prolific writer and creator, Gail is the ultimate professional with a wide range of experiences that she can use to add value to a marketing, public relations, or social media project.

Larry Boyles — Sr. VP Riverside Regional Medical Center (Ret.)

Gail is a consummate professional. She is an exceptionally skilled thinker and writer, able to offer sound strategic ideas and carry those ideas through to deliverable tactics. She always delivers on time and on budget.

Emma Inman, APR – Director, External Communications and Community Relations, Food Lion

Gail is very creative and an excellent writer. Her work is always professional and she is well respected in her field.

Stevalynn AdamsAssociate Vice President, Communications and Marketing, Norfolk State University
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