Social Media Marketing & Training

Linked In LogoIt’s not enough today to just “be on” social media. You must have a social strategy to succeed, one that includes listening and responding to your audience. Brands today must develop relationships with their customers rather than talk “at” them as they did in the past with traditional advertising.

Your social strategy can’t exist as a silo. It must be integrated across your entire marketing and communications channels.

We evaluate your goals, then develop a strategy that helps you get there. There are no cookie cutter approaches. Just because Instagram and Snapchat may be the hottest things going doesn’t mean they’re right for you. And more doesn’t always mean better. Finding the right channels for your audience and posting excellent content is more important than trying to maintain a presence on multiple channels but doing it poorly.

Once we’ve identified the social media channels where you should be active, we’ll brand them to match the look and feel of your company’s website and collateral materials so that they contribute to your professional image. We’ll execute the agreed-upon strategy, keeping you in the know every step of the way.

Should you decide that you or your team want to take over implementation but you need some training and hand-holding along the way, we’re happy to provide a customized training package to fit your needs. (We’re also available for group training sessions ala carte.)

In most cases, we will recommend a blog as your social media “hub.” Yes, blogging is social media, too. Many people don’t realize that a blog is probably the most important digital real estate that a business owns because it has the most power to draw traffic to your website.

We can help you plan and manage your blog or, if you prefer to handle it yourself, teach you or your team how to write and post content that will turn your website into a lead generation machine. As with social media posting, consistency is the most important aspect of successful blogging.

Finally, we will help you measure the effectiveness of your social media campaign. While there is no industry standard to measure social media ROI, there are many indicators that can shed light on its value. We will provide various indices that can serve to correct the course of the campaign and, ultimately, assess the worth of the resources dedicated to it.

Social media is not a miracle worker in the world of marketing, but rather one more tool – an important one – with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, as is every other communication channel. We can help you use this tool effectively to reach your audience with your story to create friends and find leads.