Our PR services hit the sweet spot!


Our services are sweet as honey!
Our PR services hit the sweet spot.

Public relations/marketing plan: This is the first step and it’s a must. If you don’t have a road map for promoting your organization your efforts are likely to be disjointed, ineffective and expensive. Get the most from your budget by first developing a solid plan.

Don’t think of PR and marketing as a frill in your budget that can be cut willy-nilly. It is an investment in your company’s future — as important (or sometimes more) — than paying the rent or keeping the lights on!

Research: We believe in research-based marketing. You must know how your target audience thinks and acts before you can make an impact. Guessing doesn’t work! After you have implemented your marketing plan, it’s important to track your efforts to determine what’s working and what isn’t.

We can implement some research tools, such as focus groups and simple surveys, in-house. For comprehensive research, we will recommend and manage a professional research organization for you. And we’ll develop and implement strategies based on research results.

Branding: Branding is more than a new logo. Yes, in some cases, branding requires rethinking an organization’s identity program, but it is much more. In fact, you don’t own your brand — it resides in the mind of your customers.

You can influence your brand, however, by developing key messages that you consistently communicate and live. Think of your brand as a promise. We can help you make the most of your brand by determining what benefits you provide than are most valued by your target audience.

We help you find your brand through a process we call story branding. From there, your symbols and key messages will evolve.

Identity programs: This is often where new businesses start their marketing programs. But before we design your logo and stationery, we need to talk about your strategy. Your identity reflects your organization’s culture and professionalism, and it should be developed as part of a comprehensive plan.

Who is your target audience? What do they value? How will you position your company in relation to similar ones? These are just a few of the questions we need to answer before moving to the drawing board.

Publications: Brochures, newsletters, magazines, annual reports and sales materials are important tools in your marketing toolbox. We can develop these tools from start to finish, or we can handle just the writing or design.

We collaborate with terrific photographers and printers who can make your ideas come to life. Let us help you develop Web site copy with pizzazz or an e-newsletter that will drive traffic (and customers) to your Web site. Don’t have a Web strategy? It’s time!

Copywriting/Content development: This is one of our core strengths. We are fundamentally writers, having been first educated as journalists and writers. We know how to get to the heart of a great story and write clear, compelling copy. Whether you need copy for a print publication, press release or a new Web site, we can turn your ideas into copy that sings.

Advertising: We’re not an ad agency. But if you need ads developed as an aspect of your marketing efforts, we are fully prepared to assist. We’ve produced award-winning print and electronic ads.

While we don’t offer media buying services, we can make recommendations. If you need comprehensive advertising services, we’ll refer you to a good full-service agency.

Publicity/media relations: Generating publicity about your organization is more than writing a press release. You need to know what is newsworthy, the best way to approach the story to interest your targeted media, how to write a killer press release or media alert, where to distribute it and how to follow-up.

If you are on the receiving end of the media inquiry, you need to know how to handle the interview so that your perspective is presented in its best light. And if 60 Minutes shows up on your doorstep, you need crisis communications help.

Baffled? Give us a call.

Web sites and blogs: No business can be viewed as legitimate today without a Web site.  But it’s no longer enough to have a static “brochure-ware” Web site as it was 15 or 20 years ago. If you want to make an impact, you must have a Web site with constantly changing information that keeps customers engaged, and keeps the search engines crawling your site. In most cases, that means you need a blog.

We not only help you design and provide content for your initial site, we feed your blog with fresh content to help you attract customers and search engines alike. We write highly researched articles that you could use in professional journals, not cheaply written “PLR”-type junk that you would be ashamed for your colleagues to see on your site.

Promotional items: Need logo items at a great price to make your brand memorable? Need creative ideas that will make your company name “sticky” in the minds of your customers? We can work with you to develop a custom program.

Special events: Need ideas for a meeting, reception or fundraiser that will wow your guests? We can work with your staff or our vendors to create a memorable event, beginning with the invitations and ending with the mints. We’re party animals!

Coaching: If you are a CEO, executive director or HR director who also wears the marketing director’s hat, you may benefit from our coaching services. We can help you learn to write like a marketing pro rather than a corporate executive.

The rules you learned in English 101 don’t always apply when you are trying to reach and influence your target market. And “corporate speak” is a turn-off.

In addition, we can provide media training so that your response to reporters’ inquiries will represent your company in its best light. “No comment” is not the answer!

Social media consultation, management and training: Social media is “hot,” but is it a fad? Does it work to promote your business? What is the ROI? Which platforms are the best?

These are questions we hear when we talk to our clients about this new media wave rolling through our business and personal lives. People are confused because the answers aren’t clear-cut.

We believe that social media as a phenomenon is not a fad; individual sites or applications may or may not stick around for the long term, but social media is here to stay. It will only morph into something new and more exciting and challenging, so if your business has not yet begun to develop an online presence, you are going to be left in the dust.

Every application is not right for every business, but we have yet to encounter a business that could not benefit from the massive exposure that social media affords.


Training: We want to help you learn to manage your own marketing, or at least to become knowledgeable about what works for your business. If you need training in any aspect of PR not mentioned here, give us a buzz!