Serious about telling your story? Create your own app.

create your own app
Tell your story better by creating your own custom app. Now it's cheaper -- and easier -- than ever.

There are approximately 350,000 apps in iTunes and 65,000 in the Android marketplace, according to a recent post in Mashable. Yet as a small business, you may find that your own app would be just the thing to set your restaurant, yoga studio or independent bookstore apart from the crowd.

Can’t afford to pay $10,000 to a developer to make one for you? Well, with a little patience and Web savvy, perhaps you don’t need to. There are numerous sites that have popped up recently that allow you to create your own mobile apps.

Bizznessapps, Mobiflex, AppMakr, Red Foundry and Buzztouch have different features and price points — but they’re all still very reasonable, especially compared to paying a programmer. Check them out to see which one works best for your purpose.

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