How to fix a simple Facebook mistake you are probably making that is hurting your business

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If you’ve been on Facebook very long, you know it is famous for frequent changes. In the last round of changes, Facebook redesigned profile pages, and in doing so, automatically hyperlinked the employer field to automatially generated “community” pages. These community pages are littering Facebook, often confusing people with doppelgänger pages by the same name.

If you have a business/fan page on Facebook in addition to a personal profile, your auto-generated community page is an annoyance you have to live with. But there is something you can do to display the correct link to your business page on your personal profile. Here’s the easy fix:

  1. Click “Edit Profile,” then go to the “Education and Work” section.
  2. Type your business page name in the “Employer” field.
  3. Select your fan page in the dropdown menu when it appears.
  4. Complete the other fields (“Position,” “City/Town,” “Description” and “Time Period”). If you add business partners/colleagues, they will show on their profiles under “Employer.”
  5. Click “Add Job.”
  6. You can also add “Project(s)” to any position.

Done! Now your personal “friends” can see your real business page rather than Facebook’s lame community page, and you’ll be marketing your business every time someone checks you out!

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