How to find journalists to pitch on Twitter with Muck Rack

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Image via CrunchBase

We recently discovered a cool site that has multiple useful features if you’re interested in following or contacting the media for PR purposes. It’s called Muck Rack, and it’s a Twitter tool that does any number of things.

App pitches journalist using social media

This app does a number of things. It:

  • captures the tweets of journalists and posts them on the site;
  • lists journalists on Twitter by beat and news source and allows you to either follow them individually or en mass;
  • lists popular links;
  • allows you to subscribe to a daily newspaper of tweets from journalists delivered to your inbox;
  • allows you to subscribe to the blog;
  • allows you to post pictures and comments.

Perhaps the coolest feature is its press releases. For $1 per character — minimum $50 — you can send a press release tweet to top journalists on Twitter promoting your message in a concise format. Of course you’ll want to include a link to your longer press release, press kits or multimedia on your web site with all the details!

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