Does social media work? It does if you put down the mouse!

does social media work?
I have coffee with Galia Kouzmanova, managing partner at TheSmallBizCFO, at Fair Grounds Coffee in Norfolk after meeting on LinkedIn. We found several potential opportunities for collaboration. Make the time - it's worth it!

Frequently I hear chatter or read blogs that question whether social media really works to produce results. Bottom line? Like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it. If you expect to make direct sales by simply increasing the number of your Facebook friend to 5,000 or sending tweets every five minutes, you will be disappointed.

Social media has many benefits, including branding, awareness building, customer service responding, and moving contacts up on the know-like-trust ladder. And, yes, in some cases, people have been able to use social media to drive direct sales, but that is not typical for offline businesses. So where’s the benefit for the rest of us?

You have to take it to the next level. Once you’ve made a contact online, you’ve got to go offline. Make an appointment to meet for coffee or lunch. See where it leads. You can’t meet everyone in person that you meet online, but you will get much better results with your social media investment if you set a reachable goal of selecting one person to meet or two people to phone per week.
Have a real conversation with a real person — after all, they that’s why it’s called social media — it’s about people!

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